Gavin Dobson

Menace marlin messing with mackerel

Menace marlin mackerel

Well, I guess the news from the past month is the nagging swell. Menace marlin mackerel It’s been relentless but the bars have been workable on the tides, and the good news is there are fish out there. Menace marlin mackerel Small black marlin have been reasonably prevalent this summer and have given anglers a thrill with their antics. Menace …

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Landing mangrove jack land-based

mangrove jack land-based

One minute you’re sitting there wondering if you’ll ever get a bite – your mind drifts away to wherever a fisho’s mind wanders – and then without warning, you’re struggling to hang on to the rod. mangrove jack land-based This is how it usually goes for me at least, and this last session was no exception. mangrove jack land-based I …

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Tips for wet summer fishing

wet summer fishing

Rain, we’ve had a lot of it and we are in for a lot more, so they reckon. wet summer fishing It’s certainly affected the fishing scene in the river systems, that’s for sure. wet summer fishing There are always good and bad points to a wet summer. wet summer fishing The bad is that the people upstream miss out …

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Rethinking years of experience after humbling encounter

Rethinking experience humbling

Occasionally, fishing can be a humbling experience. I recently came back from an afternoon session on the riverbank. I collected some live herring and fished them in a reliable spot as the tide bottomed out. The flathead I was after didn’t eventuate and all I caught was a lone bream. Rethinking experience humbling As I walked back to the car, …

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Offshore options for Northern NSW

Offshore Northern NSW

Offshore from the Brunswick Byron coast can be a bit tricky this month. However, it’s always worth a look, isn’t it! Sometime in November, mahi mahi will start patrolling the warmer currents out wider. Anywhere between the 32-fathom line and the shelf is where they will be cruising and trolling a spread of lures is going to be the best …

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A successful snapper sortie with Mum

snapper sortie Mum

It had been a while since I took my mum out fishing. Last time she came out with me we caught a few teraglin, discovered the leatherjacket were too thick to fish successfully and then came across Migaloo the white whale and spent an hour with him. With a good forecast recently, we planned another adventure together. A phone call …

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Fun family fishing and feasting

RAIN, wind and swell have dominated the past three weeks. Prior to that we had a bit of good weather and several nice fish were caught. My uncle Ron came for a visit and we were able to get out a few times to chase reef fish. The 32-fathom line held a good number of fish and we filled out …

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North coast action post-mackerel

IT WAS Omri’s birthday and his parents let him chuck a sickie and come fishing as a present. The bar was flat and we were met with glassed out conditions as we proceeded to the local grounds, and hopefully some mackerel. After half an hour we deduced there were no mackerel home, so we headed north. action post-mackerel I had …

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Magic mackerel session off Byron

THE forecast was for a 15-20 knot southeasterly wind and a 2-3m swell. As you can imagine I didn’t set the alarm and, being a Sunday morning, I rolled out of bed at the leisurely hour of 7.30am. As I was munching my cereal, I looked at the webcam site on my phone and, to my surprise, the bar was …

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Mackerel arrive in northern NSW

IT’S hard to know where to start… Last month I struggled to scratch up a couple of photos due to the lack of fish I had caught. This month however the situation has changed, with good fish coming from all of, the different fisheries. Offshore hasn’t been easy with swell on the Brunswick Bar, but when we’ve made it out …

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