Ivy managed to catch three fringefin trevally in a session on the Shorncliffe Pier.

Moreton Bay for the kids

Kids doing what they do best – out-fishing the grown-ups.
In true Tamika style, she out-fished everyone.
Whiting in the shallows are a great target for kids.
Drew absolutely nailed this 18kg cobia on a 1-3kg rod his dad made and a 10lb leader.
Cambria took the opportunity recently to switch off.

WHERE are you going to fish during the holidays? Moreton Bay has many locations for you and the family to explore and enjoy this holiday season. There are heaps of places in the Moreton Bay area to spend a day or even a few hours of quality time with family or the kids.

Pumicestone Passage, Red Beach, Skirmish Point and even the surf side of Bribie Island should be on the ‘to do list’. You don’t need a four-wheel-drive to have a great time on Bribie Island, but if you have a permit, Second Lagoon Norfolk Creek holds the best views of the bay and Moreton Island.

Give the kids a challenge to see how many pipis they can get in an hour – though be mindful of the vehicles on the beach. It will provide entertainment for the kids and fresh bait for you. Whiting, bream and dart are all great for the kids using light gear and the beach is an untapped resource when it comes to fun for younger anglers. Moreton Kids

Redcliffe Jetty and Woody Point Jetty are two great places to visit and they are both child-friendly, providing shelter from the sun and with toilet facilities close by. Set the kids up with a ‘bait challenge’, give them a bait jig or fish trap and see who catches the best bait –you get to use it too.

One jetty that is providing a great range of fish is the Shorncliffe Pier – you just don’t know what it’s going to produce next. Recently, queenfish, cobia, jewfish, mackerel and longtail tuna have carved up baitfish in the area – these species are awesome sportfishing on light gear.Moreton Kids

After coming in-store to stock up on her favourite things, Ivy took her dad out fishing again, and once more she had a great time. A species I don’t see often is the fringefin trevally, though young Ivy managed to catch three of them in a session on the Shorncliffe Pier.Moreton Kids

All three were released to be caught another day. Well done Ivy, and it was great to see you take dad fishing. We see a lot of bread and butter species caught by kids from this pier – bream, whiting, flathead, cod, butterfish, toadfish and my favourite, garfish. A while back, I did a write-up on catching garfish, so in case you missed it, here’s a cut down version.Moreton Kids

Gar would have to be one of the easiest fish for kids to chase – light gear, either a small pencil or bobby float, a No. 12 Mustad long shank hook, a tiny bit of beachworm, bloodworm or prawn, and you’re set. With garfish, if you catch a large or small one, you can put it straight back out under a float or unweighted for mackerel, jew and other predator fish to chase.Moreton Kids

Gar also make for awesome cut bait for bream, flathead and snapper, even the odd mangrove jack has found it hard to resist. If pier fishing is not your thing and you want a spot that’s a little quieter, give our local creeks and rivers a go. While these areas offer less shade for the kids, with the help of a broad-brimmed hat, a great day out can still be achieved.

Cabbage Tree Creek, the Pine River and the Caboolture River have great family friendly areas that are easily accessible by family vehicles. Deep Water Bend has family facilities, barbecue, playgrounds and plenty of shaded areas.Moreton Kids

Dohles Rocks, Brighton foreshore, Margate Beach, Queens Beach are awesome places to unwind for the day or a few hours, and there are usually plenty of whiting, bream and flathead within targeting range for kids. If you’re venturing into Moreton Bay, make sure you take at least one rod a bit heavier than the rest.

Summer will produce a few cracker catches of speed demons such as spanish mackerel, mahi mahi, wahoo and giant trevally. A couple of the crew have been out and about lately. Ian had a day off recently and took his daughter Tamika out in the bay. In true Tamika style, she out-fished everyone!

Well done Tamika! While on the subject of kids doing what they do best – out-fishing the grown-ups – Finn and Will are at it again, with both scoring very nice whiting! Well done and we look forward to more classic catches from you both.Moreton Kids

Speaking of cracker catches, I would have to nominate Drew who absolutely nailed an 18kg cobia on a 1-3kg rod his dad made, and a 10lb leader! After over an hour, they finally boated the beast. Awesome job Drew. It is indeed a cracker catch!

If you need more ideas on fishing with kids, jump onto our website tackleland.com.au/posts and have a read of the articles written by our customers – this could save you a little headache. Before you hit the water, double check your safety gear for serviceability and check the dates on your flares.

If your gear is not up to speed, it will not save you or your family when you need it to. If you get the chance, take five minutes, a seat on the ocean and just switch off – Cambria took the opportunity recently and looked as though she was a thousand miles away.Moreton Kids

Enjoy the time spent together, be safe and maintain the passion.

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